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"Holistic medicine attempts to address disease through a series of analytic observations. When treating the animal, the goal of the holistic veterinarian is to find the root cause of the pathology. Even the most basic illness may have several layers of causation. Only when the true source of the ailment has been found is there the possibility for a long-term recovery."- acupuncture.com

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FAQs - Acupuncture (AP)

Acupuncture is a complex branch of ancient Chinese medicine, but its practical principles and methods are easily understood:

  1. Fourteen major energy channels called meridians course through the animal (and human) body including the head, legs, paws, torso, and internal organs.
  2. A subtle energy called Chi (pronounced "chee") circulates via the meridians to all parts of the body, even the most remote cells.
  3. Chi is the vital force, the presence of which separates the living from the dead. Its balanced, unimpeded flow is critical to sond health.
  4. Any misdirection, blockage, or other detangement of the amount, flow, r balance of Chi May result in pain, dysfunction, and ill health.
  5. With acupuncture needles, or other means, the acupuncturist stimulatescertain points (acupoints) along the course of he meridians. Such stimulation helps restore the normal balance and flow of Chi so organs and biliy sustems can work together in harmony as intended. This sets the stage for the body to repain itself and maintain its own health.

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