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Tuesday, 20 September 2011 17:29

From Deafness to Hearing!

March 18, 2016

This is a small note to express our gratitude to the great Dr. Howard Rand. Our vocabulary is not rich enough to thank him. He restored the hearing to our Maltese, Milou

Milou was disagnosed with an ear infection. He was prescribed ear drops by the name of Surolan. He developed sudden and domplete deafness after three days. He was supposed to be treated for a total of fifteen days. We sought the advice of a different veterinarian who flushed Milou's ears and said there was nothing else that could be done at that point. We were disappointed to say the least!

We sought Dr. Rand's advice who recommended acupuncture. Milou received three sessions. He started to hear some after the first session and has continued to improve with each treatment.

Dr. Rand made a sad and angry family into a very happy one!

Dr. Rand, thank you, thank you, and thank you!!

- Eolette and Dr. Victor Rizh


Testimonial - Thank You

Frances Bundschu


I just wanted you to know that Our Budkiss "Buddy" has had such positive results from his acupuncture!  He is actually able to hold his bladder and bowels more, actually squats a good percentage of the time, and has become the social butterfly he always has been!  We are so thankful to you and while we have been remiss about maintaining contact with you, we are always spreading your good name to everyone we come in contact with...as you know, when you are walking an English Bulldog many people stop you...I share Buddy's story with them and share our positive outcome from your services.  There are no words to thank you Dr. Rand!

Fran & Paul Bundschu


Hallelujah Testimonial


July 8, 2011

Shelley Thayer, Director

Cat Depot

2542 17th Street

Sarasota, Fl 34243

RE: Dr. Howard Rand

Dear Shelley:

This is a follow up on my June 21 letter (attached).

Today Dr. Rand released Hallelujah (nee “Steinway”) from treatment for what was nearly fatal acute urinary blockage. Let me preface my comments by saying that in my life I have had well over fifty cats as companions and have called upon more than twenty veterinarians to help in their care. Never before have I encountered a veterinarian with Dr. Rand’s combination of technical proficiency and intuitive intelligence. Without his willingness to combine holistic medicine to complement conventional wisdom I do not think Hallelujah would be supervising me from his favorite windowsill as I write this to you.

At our follow-up appointment today which was originally scheduled July 5 (see the letter attached) Dr. Rand weighed Hallelujah and found he had gained 2 pounds in seventeen days largely due to the use of Nu-Vet, a prescribed dietary supplement H now takes regularly (as does his surrogate mother, Helix.) Using muscle testing Dr. Rand determined that H no longer needs to take two of the four homeopathies which he has been taking to prevent reoccurrence of his condition although he will remain on two others. Muscle testing also indicated that he no longer needs to take the supplement he had been taking to maintain his urine on an acid level to prevent his again developing crystals and blockage of the urethra.


From the above I know you can see the amount and level of medical care including testing and treatment H received and I know that, from his records available to you, you are aware of the attempts since he was first seen to maintain him at home by bringing him to the office on a daily basis for administration of IV fluids, anesthetize him and flush his bladder and otherwise, stabilize him before returning him home for less intensive care I could give him in his normal environment.

What may not be apparent is the amount of time and energy Dr. Rand and his assistant, Trish, spent managing me so that I could manage Hallelujah. They encouraged me to call any time I had a concern and believe me I did. Their willingness to be there and talk me through problematic situations made it possible for me to give my cat the care he needed to recover from what, I just allowed myself to realize today, was a near death situation. One of the wisest things Dr. Rand and Trish did, without actually telling me any untruths, was to steer me away from thinking of this cat’s very possible death from acute renal failure. Encouraged to focus on everything that needed to be done to get him better I was able to do it with a positive attitude which I believe was a major influence in the cat’s recovery.

Now I refer all my friends to Dr. Rand and advise them that he is a magician, a healer, a worker of feline miracles and maybe a few canine ones as well.

I just wanted to make sure you knew, in the unlikely case that you did not, what a gem he is and how fortunate Cat Depot is to have him on board.

Best Regards,

Edith Cheitman, PH.D


Bear The Dog

Hi, Doc,

Today is Bear's birthday - he would have been 16 years old and I decided that I'm ready to

write something for your website.


Bear was 8 years old, pretty old for a big Rottie, when I adopted him. The rescue workers warned me that he was living on borrowed time - the average life span of a Rottweiler is 8-9 years.

I saw holistic vets up north but the treatments they'd given him for his arthritis weren't working very well and we were running out of options.  He had just turned 13 years old when I moved to Florida and took him to Dr. Rand.  Dr. Rand's unique treatment of gold bead therapy and high quality vitamin supplements were so successful that Bear walked better at 13 and 14 than he did when he was younger. Thanks, Doc, for giving Bear, me and my family, and all the people whose lives he touched an extra 2 wonderful, happy years!!  -- Deb

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