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Written by Dr. Howard Rand   
Wednesday, 22 July 2009 14:37

Teaka, an 8 year old female malamute had been fighting allergies for over 4 years.  All sorts of conventional treatments had been used over that time, including medicated baths, steroids, and many other combinations of dermatological therapies.  I began using NAET as a diagnostic tool and was able to find her major problems, including food allergy, and a myriad of other allergies. She had a very compromised immune system as well.

Teaka_Before_Chest Teaka_Before_Hind Teaka_Before_Side
Before Treatment

First correcting the food allergy problem I began to start eliminating and clearing her allergies.  Using a lot of questioning of the owner, I discovered she spent most of her time lying on the deck under a particular bedroom window.  Since she was allergic to chemicals, I tested her for the chemically treated wood on the deck and found she was highly allergic.  I cleared her of that allergy, and major changes began to appear.  Dates on the photographs indicate the time it took to get some results.  Treatments continued for 6 months as well as bolstering the immune system and supplementing with homeopathic preparations.

Teaka_After_Chest Teaka_After_Hind Teaka_After_Side
After Treatment


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