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Written by Dr. Howard Rand   
Wednesday, 22 July 2009 14:35

Two unrelated 6 year old neutered airdales suddenly began to lose hair. Both dogs belonged to the same owner. It was determined by the use of NAET that they were both allergic to chemicals. After much testing and interrogating of the owner, I found out that "round up" a common chemical herbacide had been used in the yard shortly before the alopecia began.


Airdale_Before Airdale_Before_CloseUp
Before Treatment

Both dogs were treated and cleared of the round up by the use of NAET. Several other allergies were also cleared by the use of NAET. Acupuncture and homeopathics were also used for supportive treatment. Within 3 weeks, redness lessened and hair begn to grow. These pictures show a 9 week interval from beginning utill the end of treatment.


Airdale_After_1 Airdale_After_2
After Treatment


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