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Acupuncture has been used in China for nearly five thousand years. It is the primary treatment for a quarter of the world's population. The main goal of veterinary acupuncture is to strengthen the body's immune system in order to encourage the body's adaptive, homeostatic mechanism.

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Written by Dr. Howard Rand   
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Sarasota Pet Magazine. Interview by Candance T. Botha

Dr. Howard Rand is recognized as one of the first veterinarians to practice acupuncture in the Southeastern United States. He is, in fact, respected worldwide for his work in veterinary acupuncture.

This knowledgeable and accomplished man is also one of the first veterinarians in the country to earn his certification by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) and is one of a select few veterinarians nationwide that is certified in NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination techniques) Testing and Treatment.

A skilled and published photographer, he has worked with an architect to design and landscape his own home (a project three years in the making). And he even plays the organ.

While he always has been equally passionate about showing horses, travel, and, of course, his family, from the time he was just a child his calling has been veterinary medicine. And although his dream was sidestepped with a brief career in pharmacy, he relentlessly pursued his innermost aspirations, establishing a flourishing veterinary career that has spanned more than four decades.

Meet Howard L. Rand, DVM, CVA, BS pharm, an internationally-esteemed veterinarian who currently sees patients at two veterinary offices in our community: West Coast veterinary Center on SR 72 (Clark Road) in Sarasota and Ranch Animal Hospital on Corridor Place in Lakewood Ranch.

In his practice, Dr. Rand provides comprehensive conventional veterinary services, including routine wellness care, senior (geriatric) medicine, nutrition, dentistry and surgery.

What makes Dr. Rand's care of animals most unique, however, is that he has seamlessly integrated holistic principles into his conventional practice of veterinary medicine. In his work with natural and alternative therapies, Dr. Rand has garnered global recognition as a pioneer in the field of holistic care for animals, offering acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs, Applied Kinesiology and prolotherapy (a nonsurgical treatment used to repair and strengthen ligaments and tendons).

Born and raised in Staten Island, New York, Dr. Rand developed an early interest in animals. His first dog was a cocker spaniel that was bred by one of his neighbors, a judge who took the young boy under his wing, taught him to groom dogs and took him to dog shows.

At the age of 12, Dr. Rand became interested in showing horses and, soon after, owned his first horse that was given to him by the dean of his high school and later paid for by his father.





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