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Dr. Howard L. Rand, and early adopter of eastern and holistic medicine in veterinary practice, has moved to a new location in Bradenton, FL. Check out the Contact page for the new address, telephone number, and a Google map with driving directions!

As a widely recognized authority on holistic veterinary care, Dr. Howard Rand has been featured in a number of publications and regularly contributes articles to Veterinary journals across the nation. In this area of the site you can read some of his published and unpublished articles on alternative veterinary medicine and how it can help your pet to get and remain healthy and happy without costly and sometimes, life-threatening surgery.
Allergies and Pets PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Howard Rand   

Allergies are found in over 50% of the domestic animal population. Finding the culprit allergens is a detective story, and the more we can clear or eliminate the faster the symptoms will subside. The age of onset of an allergy definitely depends on inheritance (breed) and the genetic factor.

Holistic (& Conventional) Healing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Howard Rand   


Sarasota Pet Magazine. Interview by Candance T. Botha

Dr. Howard Rand is recognized as one of the first veterinarians to practice acupuncture in the Southeastern United States. He is, in fact, respected worldwide for his work in veterinary acupuncture.

Thoughts on Holistic Medicine PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Howard Rand   

“He who attempts the ridiculous achieves the impossible.” Those were my thoughts 35 years ago when I embarked on the study of Acupuncture. Very skeptical, I began my acupuncture career and subsequently holistic care. After practicing acupuncture for a short while, I soon found a new motto to go by. “If at first you DO succeed, try to hide the amazement.”

Dr. Rand In The News PDF Print E-mail

Recommendation from Sarasota Chiropractic Center

DSC_0592Dr. Rand and Trish,

One year ago I resigned myself to the impending death of my friend "Psycho." Thanks to your skills and efforts, he has made a near miraculous recovery. I do not posses the words to properly thank you for the gift you have given us - the restoration of his health, and his continued companionship. A priceless gift indeed! This cat means so much to me. In a roundabout way, he saved my life 19 years ago. It's a cool story - one I will share with you soon.

Thank you again.

Very Best Regards,
Steve & Cheryl










Dr. Howard Rand featured in ABC Television, Suncoast News www.suncoast.com on Channel 7 in Florida. Veterinarians using stem cells to help pets.

Click on image or the link to view video of the news report on Dr. Rand and his Veterinary services.. http://www.mysuncoast.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoid=2097033

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