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"Holistic medicine attempts to address disease through a series of analytic observations. When treating the animal, the goal of the holistic veterinarian is to find the root cause of the pathology. Even the most basic illness may have several layers of causation. Only when the true source of the ailment has been found is there the possibility for a long-term recovery."- acupuncture.com

About Dr. Rand
Dr. Rand, DVM

A Different Kind of Veterinarian

A graduate of the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Howard Rand began his professional career as a pharmacist, having graduated first from the Fordham University College of Pharmacy. He has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1965, and has developed a unique approach to animal care that integrates the principles of conventional veterinary medicine with the philosophies of holistic medicine.

An Innovator
A pioneer in bringing alternative techniques to the practice of veterinary medicine, Dr. Rand was one of the first veterinarians in the Southeast to practice acupuncture, and was certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1974. He has studied in both China and Japan, and is recognized worldwide in the field of veterinary acupuncture.

A Unique Approach
Dr. Rand is one the few U.S. veterinarians certified in NAET allergy testing and treatment, an innovative approach with proven success in treating challenging health issues. NAET has allowed him to fully carry out his commitment to treating the causes, as well as the symptoms, of animal health problems.

In addition to his lifelong love of animals, Dr. Rand's passions include gardening, travel and photography.  He and his wife, Nanci, have three children, three grandchildren, and -- of course -- a number of pets.


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