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Patient Case Studies

Here you will find case studies of some of Dr. Rand’s patients. They include before and after photos, as well as a description of the patient’s affliction and the treatment method(s) that Dr. Rand used to cure the patient.

Two unrelated 6 year old neutered airdales suddenly began to lose hair. Both dogs belonged to the same owner. It was determined by the use of NAET that they were both allergic to chemicals. After much testing and interrogating of the owner, I found out that “round up” a common chemical herbacide had been used in the yard shortly before the alopecia began.

Both dogs were treated and cleared of the round up by the use of NAET. Several other allergies were also cleared by the use of NAET. Acupuncture and homeopathics were also used for supportive treatment. Within 3 weeks, redness lessened and hair begn to grow. These pictures show a 9 week interval from beginning utill the end of treatment.

Rascal had been suffering from from multiple skin problems for many years.  He was a constant licker.  With the use of NAET, I was able to determine that he had food allergies, contact allergies, inhalent allergies, as well as some very emotional problems.

Food allergies were addressed first after which we started to clear the other allergies with NAET.  Emotional issues were also addressed.  Homeopathy, acupuncture and many different supplements were used.  The pictures shown were taken 8 months apart.  Owner cooperation is extremely important in all these allergy cases.

7 year-old Cairn Terrier suffering with severe allergies for over 2 years. The pet owner brought their dog in to see Dr. Rand seeking evaluation and treatment to elevate the allergy as prior treatments at other clinics did not work. The allergy diagnosis was made using Applied Kinesiology and Nambrudapad’s Elimination Allergy Techniques. These photos show approximately 2 months of treatment.

Here Dr. Rand is preforming a quick Saturday re-check after treating a six year old boxer who has lymphoma cancer. The owner decided after the second chemo treatment from a vet in Atlanta to go a different path using a combination of holistic and conventional medicine – all offered at our clinic. Prince is in remission and is doing very well under Dr. Rand’s care.

Teaka, an 8 year old female malamute had been fighting allergies for over 4 years.  All sorts of conventional treatments had been used over that time, including medicated baths, steroids, and many other combinations of dermatological therapies.  I began using NAET as a diagnostic tool and was able to find her major problems, including food allergy, and a myriad of other allergies. She had a very compromised immune system as well.

First correcting the food allergy problem I began to start eliminating and clearing her allergies.  Using a lot of questioning of the owner, I discovered she spent most of her time lying on the deck under a particular bedroom window.  Since she was allergic to chemicals, I tested her for the chemically treated wood on the deck and found she was highly allergic.  I cleared her of that allergy, and major changes began to appear.  Dates on the photographs indicate the time it took to get some results.  Treatments continued for 6 months as well as bolstering the immune system and supplementing with homeopathic preparations.

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