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Written by Dr. Howard Rand   
Wednesday, 21 September 2011 12:54

By: Dr. Howard Rand, DVM

Holistic medicine consists of treating the body as a whole; using whole herbs and complete supplements rather than single chemical sources, using a whole spectrum of treatments available rather then a single one.  Diagnostic methods and vocabulary may be used that are different than what conventional veterinarians are accustomed to, including methods used for thousands of years.  This does not mean that they are wrong, or mere superstition.  Instead, they may bring insight by offering a new way of looking at things, which can guide the veterinarian to a new treatment modality.  This is especially true of chronic diseases.

Holistic veterinary medicine is increasing in importance and use in veterinary practice.  Treatments, which were originally considered alternative, are now becoming part of mainstream medicine.  Integrative medicine often has a better answer for chronic diseases than does conventional medicine alone

 The goal of holistic medicine is to help the body heal itself, treat the whole body, not just the symptoms, and to provide solutions that are more natural, with less side effects.  Better food and exercise are part of this way of practicing. Veterinarians who practice complementary medicine generally have additional training and often, special certification in their chosen modalities.

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Recommendation from Sarasota Chiropractic Center

DSC_0592Dr. Rand and Trish,

One year ago I resigned myself to the impending death of my friend "Psycho." Thanks to your skills and efforts, he has made a near miraculous recovery. I do not posses the words to properly thank you for the gift you have given us - the restoration of his health, and his continued companionship. A priceless gift indeed! This cat means so much to me. In a roundabout way, he saved my life 19 years ago. It's a cool story - one I will share with you soon.

Thank you again.

Very Best Regards,
Steve & Cheryl










Dr. Howard Rand featured in ABC Television, Suncoast News www.suncoast.com on Channel 7 in Florida. Veterinarians using stem cells to help pets.

Click on image or the link to view video of the news report on Dr. Rand and his Veterinary services.. http://www.mysuncoast.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoid=2097033

Traditional Veterinary Care
A graduate of the prestigious Auburn University, Dr. Howard Rand is well versed in traditional veterinary care, including: diagnosis and treatment using western medicine and (if necessary) surgery, teeth cleaning, nail clipping.
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Dr. Howard Rand cares for pets in the Sarasota, Florida area, with two convenient locations in Sarasota and Bradenton. With a combination of conventional and holistic medicine, Dr. Rand is committed to keeping pets healthy throughout every phase of their lives.

Dr. Rand is a pioneer in alternative veterinary medicine, but also offers conventional medicine and preventative treatments to promote your pet's quality of life. If you have a new puppy or kitten, Dr. Rand will get them off to a healthy start. If you have an older pet, you will discover innovative treatment options that may ensure many more years of happiness.

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Alternative Veterinary Care

In addition to traditional western medicine, Dr. Rand has seen tremendous benefits from the application of alternative Eastern Medicine, including acupuncture, NAET, and Applied Kinesiology. "Often times, cases that cannot be treated with traditional medicine can be treated with alternative medicine.." - Dr. Rand


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